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Drop-In Tubs

There's nothing like a soothing soak to ease the stress of the day away and nobody understands that better than the bathtub experts at Every Bathtub. Since drop-in tubs are supported on all sides by a frame, they can be elevated on a platform or set below floor level. They can be installed in corners, peninsulas and islands – they’re as versatile as they are comfortable.

Though drop-in tubs usually require more floor space than other types of bathtubs, they are spacious enough for lengthy post-work soak, and some can even comfortably accommodate two. Additionally, most drop-in tubs come with molded seats, to provide extra comfort for those much needed, longer than average soaks.

Drop-in tubs have a finished rim and are designed to drop into a deck or custom-built surrounding. Designed to be supported from below, the self-rimming edge sits over a frame of water-resistant material. The material that surrounds drop-in tubs can be custom-built to provide space below for things like the water pumps and heat systems that often accompany a spa tub. If you opt for a drop-in tub in the style of a spa, you're guaranteed hours of rest and relaxation for years to come.

The bathtub experts at Every Bathtub have scoured the world to bring you quality products from only the best brands. Worried about the price? Our everyday low prices and free shipping within the contiguous United States means you can worry less about the cost, and more about finding the perfect addition to your bathroom. Browse our selection today and find the perfect drop-in tub for your bathroom.

From the beginning of your perusal to the completion of your bathroom remodel, let the experts at Every Bathtub make finding the perfect tub as easy as it was for you to dream of it.